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Github Needs Better Design

After using Github for my daily work, I have come to the conclusion that Github... kind of sucks.

Aurora PostgreSQL

Repacking AWS Aurora PostgreSQL

This post details how to reduce bloat in Postgres/Aurora for the purposes of increasing performance and reducing costs.

Box2dWeb dynamic objects pass through some static bodies

While making a little game, I ran into an issue when using polygons where some moving objects would collide with a static body and slowly move through it as if it were a dense medium. This issue did not occur when the static body was created with the SetAsBox method. When creating a shape as a box, the moving objects bounced off correctly.

Box2dWeb b2World is not defined

As I was playing around with a javascript physics engine called Box2dWeb. Almost immediately, I ran into an issue. I was receiving the error in Chrome console: Uncaught ReferenceError: b2World is not defined

ExtJS overwrite listener

Sometimes you need to overwrite an event listener in ExtJS. Usually listeners are registered like this:

Troubleshooting Procrun Windows Service Start

Recently I came across an issue where I was not able to start a service: My Service (service) service is starting. My Service (service) service could not be started.